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How much does it cost to use Plitio?
Sign up and delivery are free, and you can pay for prescriptions using government or private insurance or a credit card.
Where does Plitio get its medications?
We source from the same Canadian wholesalers used by retail pharmacies. We only dispense medications approved by Health Canada for sale within Canada.
Does Plitio have store locations, or is it just online?
Plitio is a licensed online-only pharmacy.
Does Plitio deliver anywhere in Canada?
Yes, Plitio delivers anywhere in Canada for free.
Do you send one-time, as-needed medication?
Yes, we do, delivered in regular pill bottles instead of our daily packets.
Will I get the same brand or generic medication as a retail pharmacy?
All pharmacies in Canada are required to dispense medications approved for sale by Health Canada. Dispensing of generic medications may occur when appropriate.
What other types of medication can you provide?
We can fill the same medications as any local retail pharmacy, including diabetic materials, creams, drops, compounds, and more.
How does the process work?
Once you upload a picture of the prescription, we verify it with your doctor either verbally or by fax. Once verified, we prepare your medication for delivery. When the medication is delivered, just return the original prescription to us. If delivered by UPS, use the pre-paid envelope enclosed in the welcome package. If delivered by Plitio delivery drivers, give the prescription to the driver.
How long before my first order arrives?
Usually in two days or less. We get everything set up, so all your medications arrive together. You can track it throughout the process.
What if I need my first prescription faster?
No problem. If you’re running low when you first sign up, let us know. We can send a supply in bottles before your first shipment.
What if I forget my password?
Go to the login page and choose Forgot Password? We’ll send you a reset password link.

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