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Plitio isn’t just a website and app – it's a licensed pharmacy established by two passionate pharmacists with one goal: to make managing your health and filling your prescriptions easier and less costly.

Order and manage prescriptions anytime, anywhere.

Save on prescription costs.

Schedule free delivery at a time that works with your schedule.

Set up automatic payments through your insurance or via a credit card.

Meet the real people behind the online counter.

Plitio’s founders recognized how online services had revolutionized and simplified so many day-to-day tasks and asked themselves, “why not prescriptions?” Next, they set out to do just that by empowering people to manage their prescriptions online.

Kayhan Moayeri, CEO & Founder

A pharmaceutical entrepreneur with a strong focus on patients’ needs, Kayhan was the driving force behind Plitio’s creation, building it as a customer-first online pharmacy.

Kayhan holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, is a Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy, and has a long track record of creating innovative pharmacy businesses. He founded Burrard Pharmaceuticals, a research and development company; Pharmex Enterprises Inc., which has established pharmacies in Metro Vancouver; and now, Plitio.

Chidi Nwaogwugwu, Pharmacy Director and Manager

Chidi is a licensed pharmacist who began his journey at age 15 in a small pharmacy in England. Recognizing his diligent work ethic, the owner encouraged him to pursue an education in the field. He soon graduated from Kings College London Pharmacy School.

After gaining experience in England, he made his way to Vancouver, BC, and acquired his pharmacy license. In 2020, Chidi recognized consumer migration away from brick-and-mortar stores to safe, convenient online retail and grocery shopping services. He saw the many advantages an online pharmacy could offer, including lower overhead costs and, in turn, cost savings for customers. Shortly after, he and Kayhan created Plitio. Chidi continues to help refine the business, adding more services to help customers reduce both their prescription costs and to-do lists.

Plitio is a certified Canadian retail pharmacy with a license in British Columbia. Accredited by The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

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